Eat with your eyes


Fresh flowers help to bring a wonderful pop of colour and enhance the visual appeal of a gorgeous fully-loaded grazing table, nestled among piles of mouthwatering delicacies.

By selecting flowers that coordinate with those in your other decorations, these little floral touches help to tie in the food table with the other decor of your event.

A sweet touch for your candy table

Whether they’re little single-stem vases peeking out from between brim-filled jars of colourful lollies, or statement pieces designed to create a focal point within the table of treats, fresh flowers complement beautifully with a well-designed candy table. 

We can cater to your event type and colour scheme, ensuring our flowers enhance your event.  Whether you’re after soft muted pastels for a baby shower, everything pink for a girly girl’s birthday party, vibrant colours to coordinate with your corporate image, or wedding whites – we can work with you to ensure the flowers are just right for the event.

Set the scene (and the table)


Flowers are a common choice for table centrepieces, and the options are limited only by your imagination.  Whether you’re after a simple, minimalist arrangement for an elegant understated function, a vibrantly-coloured or more elaborate arrangement to provide your guests with a talking point at the table, or flowers to coordinate with your wedding style and decor, we can help you achieve your vision.